About Me😄

Welcome! I’m Marielle Dagassan.

After graduating from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, I began my finance career working on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs in New York City.

I am driven by a passion for financial education and dedicated to equipping the next generation with tools for financial success.

Leveraging my expertise in Private Wealth Management, I’ve launched a new venture to bridge the financial literacy gap and empower young adults to take control of their financial future.

As a dual French and British citizen, you can find me indulging in the vibrant cultures of Europe and skiing in the Swiss Alps.

Financial Coaching


Basic Package



Want to get started on the basics and understand what investing even is? Stop right here! I will guide you through the ABCs and help you get organized with your finances to build the foundation for your most extraordinary financial future. 
What’s included: 
3 Personalized 1:1 Sessions


Elite Package



Want to build your first MILLION-DOLLAR portfolio? This package is for you. I take you through my 5-step process that gets you managing your money with confidence and together we’ll create your million-dollar portfolio with zero stress and maximum fun!  
What’s included:
5 Personalized 1:1 Sessions 
Bonus Masterclass: Advanced Investment Topics


Mastery Package



Want to dive even deeper? This package is an all-inclusive where I bring you up to speed on EVERYTHING I know about investing. We refresh the basics, build your million-dollar portfolio, and go further to give you the full scoop on investing.
What’s Included:
10 Personalized 1:1 Sessions
Bonus Masterclass: Advanced Investment Topics
Portfolio Check-Up (3 Months Post – $500 Value!)
Market Themes Exclusive Monthly Webinar 
Priority Email Q&A Access For One Year 

For Parents:

I am looking for parents wanting to invest in their child’s future🏫

I am on a mission to teach your young adult the key principles of investing and becoming a steward of your wealth. 
If you are interested in a no-obligation Starbucks or Zoom meeting, availability begins Monday, May 13th. It would be an honor to serve you and your family.


"It’s been fantastic having Marielle work with our daughter as her financial coach. We feel this is a long-lasting relationship. Marielle is wise beyond her years, and has an impressive resume, having worked with the heavy hitters on Wall Street. She explains financial jargon in terms that are easy to understand. She’s a go-getter and I’m glad we’re on her team!"
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Palm Beach, FL Residents
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Meet Marielle Dagassan - a finance maven whose journey from the bustling streets of Wall Street to the sunny shores of Palm Beach County are as intriguing as her global adventures.